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Seagull Recycling Ltd and the Eco Centre is a small non-profit organisation, based in Skegness Lincolnshire.

Focused on building stronger communities; where social isolation is reduced and cohesion is encouraged by connecting people with each other and the environment.We provide innovative nature-based and outdoor activities in the community and from our woodland sitethroughout the year. We offer the holistic benefits of outdoor experiences to marginalisedmembers of the community, with a particular focus on supporting those with a variety of needs.Our policies and procedures reflect our commitment to offering equal opportunities and creating safe and secure learning environments where individuals can flourish.  

The Eco Centre in Skegness is staffed with qualified and skilled educators/mentors, delivering personalised hands-on sessions which are motivating and achievable including; den building, nature walks, woodland crafts and campfire cooking. This enables beneficiaries to grow in confidence, make new friends, learn new skills and become stronger members of the community as they participate in shared outdoor experiences. We have strong evidence that our model of person-centred outdoor/nature based active learning helps to address mental and physical health needs, effectively closes skills gaps, raises self-esteem and improves individuals' approach to lifelong learning.We also offer bespoke accredited and non-accredited courses and volunteering opportunities, increasing individual’s employability.

Our work with school aged children, disengaged young people and vulnerable adults has helped us focus on what works well, and what is effective in delivering changes to foster a more resilient community in the face of environmental, economic and social change. Furthermore our beneficiaries are part of our organisation’s management committee and steering group, ensuring those often marginalizes have their voices heard at every level, and their needs recognised throughout the development and implementation of our services. We are embedded in our community with existing excellent working relationships with key community partners. We actively work alongside statutory, voluntary, private and independent sector organisations helping to identify and meet local needs through multi-agency working. Additionally as local residents ourselves we have an understanding of the needs faced by our beneficiaries, and share a passion for helping others to get the most out of outdoor/nature based experiences.

We have extensive experience of effectively managing budgets and resources to deliver exceptional services and robustly evaluate our provision against the highest standards and benchmarking, with our stakeholders, and independent bodies such as Ofsted, MATRIX, the Children’s Services Department of Lincolnshire County Council and Qualification Awarding Bodies. We attract volunteers and CPD visits where we share our skills with other professionals. We are proud holders of over 20 local and National awards and accolades gained in our pursuit of providing our beneficiaries with the best experiences to reach their full potential.

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