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Mrs. Mary Borrill of Burgh le Marsh celebrated her 100th birthday on the 17th June.

Burgh Luncheon Club celebrated Mary’s birthday at the Village Hall. Surrounded by family and friends, a great time was had by all.

A party was held the previous day at the Lumley Hotel where family and friends gathered to celebrate Mary’s milestone birthday. Making it an enjoyable and unforgettable day for all those that attended.

When asked what she attributed to a long life?

Mary replied "I just keep going on, and if my legs still work I'll use them".

Well done Mary and may you keep going on for a lot longer.


Gorgeous Birthday Cakes

From the family birthday party.

Birthday congratulations

To Mary Borrill




From Visitburghlemarsh & the residents of Burgh-le-Marsh

Happy 100th birthday Mum

Burgh le Marsh Luncheon Club celebrates Mrs. Mary Borrill’s

100th birthday at Burgh le Marsh Village Hall. Of course no birthday party is complete without a cake

Luncheon club birthday cake Luncheon Club birthday celebrations Family birthday cake

Pictured with the birthday lady are her great grandson, Harry Borrill, son Stuart Borrill & grandson Alan Borrill.

The Royal Birthday Card from Her Majesty the Queen to commemorate Mary’s 100th Birthday.

L-R: Daughter Gladys, granddaughter in law Mandy Borrill, great-grandson Harry Borrill, Birthday lady Mary Borrill, grandson Alan Borrill.

The Queen's birthday card to mary Borrill birthday celebrations Four generatiions

Photographs courtesy of Alan Borrill